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Can You Sell Your Financial Practice?


Whether you are a lead advisor or a junior advisor, whether you are with a B/D, RIA or discount broker it's all about the relationship you have with your clients. Do they consider you their advisor? Would they follow you? These and other questions can help determine if you can sell your practice.

Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning


Are you interested in training a junior advisor to take over in 7-10 years or are you looking to exit in the next 3 years? Are you interested in bank financing or are you willing to offer seller financing? These and many other questions can help determine if the succession or exit pathway is correct for you.

What Value Can I get for My Practice?


There are many variables involved in negotiating pricing and terms. From the demographics and location of your practice to the length and risk profile of the contract, plus many more. 

Why Use Seller Representation?


 Experience, objectivity, knowledge and market perspective are just a few of the many reasons professional representation is beneficial when selling your financial practice. Sellers generally obtain 1/3 more value for their practice when using professional representation.

What Are My Options?


Whether you sell to someone on your platform or on a different platform. Whether you sell to an experienced advisor or you train a junior advisor. You have many options; we will review them all.

How Does This All Work?


Email or call to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to determine if AES's services can benefit your practice. Then, the next step is to complete the seller's questionnaire to determine your exit strategy. We look forward to assisting you.

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